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We are a premier provider of mobility services to individuals and professional fleet customers. We service these segments through a well-established network of fuel stations, convenience stores and travel centers. Our geographic areas of operation are in Chile, the United States and Paraguay.

Our purpose is to be the energy that drives our customers´ world, delivering an outstanding customer experience through product and service innovation and a coherent, sustainable, and reliable value proposition.

Across our markets, we are focused on offering high-quality services, goods and amenities to people-on-the-go and long-distance haulers through our broad network covering both cities and highways. We also support the mobility and connectivity needs of industrial customers in Chile by providing fuels, lubricants and fleet management services that are critical for their operations and promote the development of new energy solutions such as electromobility and green hydrogen.

In Chile, we are one of the main fuels and lubricants distributors, with a network of around 450 service stations operating under the Shell licensed brand and more than 170 convenience stores. We also supply fuels, lubricants and bitumen to a complementary industrial customer base.

In the United States, we operate the nation’s fourth largest travel center network with 42 operating sites by the end of 2021 located in Texas, Arkansas and the Midwest states of Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri and Iowa.

In Paraguay, we own a 50% stake in Enex Paraguay which operates a highly-scalable network of more than 50 service stations and convenience stores with strong growth potential.

Our operations in Chile, USA and Paraguay are under the control of Enex plc, a public limited liability company incorporated under the laws of England and Wales.

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To be the energy that drives your world

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